Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ex-gay group is barred from national PTA conference

On the same weekend that I was so proud to participate in the family-affirming Field Day event as a part of Denver's PrideFest celebration, the Dobson-sponsored Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays organization (PFOX) attempted to preach their anti-gospel message at the national PTA conference. While I am thrilled with the PTA for barring this organization's discriminatory ideas from their conference (while at the same time embracing the participation of PFLAG), I am appalled at my own ignorance of this group's existence. Read more about it in the excellent Gay Viewpoint blog article, The right wing is still waging war on its self-proclaimed 'gay agenda'. Only this time the target are LGBT children, their teachers and the PTA.

And another thing, do you suppose it's just an eerie coincidence that this ex-gay organization's monicker is PFOX?

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