Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Fellow Doggieblogger

I honestly had no idea that blogging was so contagious. In the short week since I opened Jericho's Doghouse, I've literally only told SIX people about my new undertaking (including dear Jiminycricket81). After checking out Jericho's exploits (and political opinions), one of those friends was immediately inspired to begin a new blog, giving voice to the wisdom of her faithful canine companion -- check out MountainMurphy, the irresistably CUTE little guy you see in the picture.

Hmmm... I wonder who does Murphy's head shots?

1 comment:

Mountain Murphy said...

Mr Eric would be the name of my personal photographer! You might be able to arrange something with him, as it appears poor Jericho could use a little more lighting on his face! So I hear the big "J" was in my office today. Guess that's ok as long as he didn't leave any surprises that I'll get blamed for!