Monday, June 27, 2005

Post-PrideFest 2005

Denver's PrideFest 2005 was a huge success over the weekend. The event received good coverage in the local newspapers -- The Denver Post posted a great article about the new Family Field Day event on their website yesterday, and added another article about the PrideFest parade and festival earlier today.

To avoid a blistering sunburn (which I've received at past Pride events), I slathered on copious amounts of sunscreen and decked myself out in Kenneth Cole sunglasses and a stylish PrideFest 2005 baseball cap. I may have looked like the gay Unabomber, but I managed to end the day sunburn-free.

I generally LOVE all street festival food. After all, where else can you eat Cheesecake-on-a-Stick, funnel cakes by the dozen, and an entire slow-roasted Turkey Leg all in one convenient location? (C'mon, I can practically hear you all moaning, "Yummmmmy!)

The festival booths were very good this year. I have another Sagittarius friend, Mike, who joins me every summer in exploring the vendors and exhibitors at many of the local street festivals. Mike and I hit every booth along the festival boulevard, which included area gift boutiques, GALA choruses, gay-friendly businesses, and local churches with inclusive-outreach ministries. I was especially pleased to run across a booth from the Iliff School of Theology, an inclusive institution with which I'm personally proud to be associated.

As always, heartfelt thanks to The GLBT Center of Colorado for their incredibly hard work in putting together and running this annual event.


JiminyCricket81 said...

What a great summary of the day! And I love, love, love the doggie pictures (not to mention your own profile self portrait...). We'll have to chat about procedure for uploading pics sometime...

Love you!

Jericho said...

Hey Jiminy! We'll definitely talk blogging later this week. I've been working on my profile for awhile, so thanks for noticing.