Monday, July 11, 2005

I HEART MOVIES: ...but War of the Worlds left me thinking, "Tom, babe, lithium is a GOOD thing!"

The Doghouse has been free of post-age for the past few days, due primarily to a large musical performance obligation I was finally able to complete this past weekend (after unbearably LONG daily rehearsals leading up to the Saturday performance). My resentment was too strong during the process to trust posting my generally genial thoughts -- now, however, I'm just happy that the event's over!

I decided to unwind yesterday by going to see a movie with my boyfriend, which is one of our favorite pastimes. Since I'm not likely to be able to drag him to see the critical bomb Fantastic Four (though I might try to catch it myself later this week), we ended up at War of the Worlds.

Tom Cruise is as cute as ever, but gave an uncommonly MANIC performance, much like the real-life persona he's been exhibiting in the media of late. The movie was harsh in its cynical judgment of human behavior in the face of terror and destruction -- I was far more terrified of the mobs of desperate human beings than I was of the alien tripod killing machines! Inducing gut-wrenching visceral reactions from beginning to end, War of the Worlds certainly succeeds in terrifying its audience. It's a shame, however, that by the end of the movie the only emotion all that terror brought about in this audience member was apathy.

I always avoid reading spoiler-filled movie reviews until AFTER seeing a movie. If you've seen Spielberg's lastest destruction flick, do yourself a favor and check out this hilariously accurate review at Movie Juice. I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the review:

No actor plays under-12 panic like flying saucer-eyed Dakota Fanning. "I'm the pre-teen Maggie Smith," says Dakota, "if Maggie Smith had a stripper name."

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