Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I HEART MOVIES: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A very entertaining film, CatCF succeeded primarily in its brilliant first act by focusing on young Charlie Bucket and his delightfully quirky family. As mentioned by most reviewers, Johnny Depp was certainly disturbing as Willy Wonka, but isn't that the purpose of the character? As a child, I was so disturbed by Gene Wilder that I avoided the original musical adaptation with a passion! The musical numbers in the current version are splendid as performed by the hundreds of digitally xeroxed Oompa-Loompas -- these are new Danny Elfman songs, so don't expect to hear Johnny sing "Candy Man" (omigod, I'm getting the willies just thinking about it!)

If you're tired of reading boring reviews (that are rife with spoilers nowadays), I highly recommend The Gothamist's take on movie-watching etiquette as an alternative, Charlie and the Broken Social Contract.

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