Friday, July 15, 2005


Perhaps I've seen one too many summer blockbusters of late, but I really enjoyed the quiet drama of Heights. This is a simple relationship film, whose plot you've undoubtedly seen before, following a set of seemingly unrelated characters during a day in the life in Manhattan. Heights revels in the fact that everyone on the island is connected (just "two degrees of separation" in Manhattan!) and soon all the characters are intimately involved in each others' business.

This is not a perfect movie; the conventional plot twists, for instance, can be seen a mile away. That being said, the actors are wonderful to watch as they inhabit their characters with depth and personality. Glenn Close is magnificent (no big surprise) and the he's-so-gorgeous-my-eyes-hurt James Marsden gives a wonderfully conflicted performance as the sexually-confused character at the center of the drama. It's nice to see that Cyclops can act (and has pretty eyes!)

Personally, I was most delighted to see Rufus Wainwright in a small role, playing a darling, queeny boy who seriously needed a bigger part. Rufus, my love, isn't it time we met in person? Did you get all my letters? Did you enjoy the photos? OK... Stalker Boy leaving now.

Heights is currently playing in Denver at The Mayan.

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