Sunday, July 03, 2005

Smart ART

There is no better summer event in Denver than the fantastic Cherry Creek Arts Festival. I will admit, I can't actually afford to buy ANYTHING at the festival, but looking is free and informed compliments seem to be appreciated. Here are some of the artists whose work I enjoyed seeing earlier today...
  • Wes Magyar (Denver, CO): Of all the paintings I saw, Wes' work was the most stunning, particularly his exciting, somewhat disturbing "The Vow".
  • Paul Eshelman (Elizabeth, IL): I love the simple, clean look of Paul's pottery -- this is art that's meant to be in use.
  • Allan Teger (Vero Beach, FL): I'm always on the lookout for Allan's FUN Bodyscapes series at each year's Festival -- must be seen to be believed! I especially liked "Cowboy" and "Crane".
  • Craig and Charlene Sainsott (Smithville, TX): If I could afford it, I would definitely buy one of their ultra-sleek Space Rings -- gorgeous.
  • John Wesley Williams (Renick, WV): His photos don't do justice to the phenomenal woodwork -- some of the most beautiful wood furniture I've ever seen. Plus, John is from Renick, my grandmother's hometown!
When I needed a break from the Festival, I enjoyed the air-conditioning and espresso in our local bookstore, The Tattered Cover. When I wanted to actually PURCHASE some art, I took in the cool stuff at my favorite Cherry Creek store, The Artisan Center.

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