Thursday, August 25, 2005

Six Feet Under, a final word

I hadn't planned to post again about the end of Six Feet Under, but this is pretty cool. If you've seen the finale (don't spoil yourself!) check out these obituaries on the HBO site. (via


sarah d. said...

um, hi. i was just visiting g's hungarian blog and saw "jerko" there in the comments and came over to visit your blog. and then i would feel all weird and stalker-ish if i didn't leave a comment.

so, hi. :)

Jericho said...

Hey, sarah d. -- when are we getting together for some serious Buffy bonding? I can't wait to see your place in the highlands -- invite me soon!
Jerko, AKA Jerk-off, AKA Jericho

sarah said...

ok, so this is different from the way my blog works and i keep getting confused. :) and i just expected it to send your response to my e-mail like would happen on mine... but of course, it doesn't have my e-mail. yeah. and what's funny is i didn't see your comment here before i invited you. hee.


JiminyCricket81 said...

Boo hoo!

I wanna go to the Buffy bonding party at Sarah's house!'s Sunday morning in Kecskemet, and I think I'm venturing out soon (after using my new Hungarian hair dryer for the first time...sad that a hair dryer seems newsworthy to me at this point...) to take a trip to a Hungarian coffee spot for the first time. Wish me luck! I miss you guys!

Mountain Murphy said...


Tell you big guy Hi for us! Using MM's blog to just say "life is good". We both had a massage this morning while Ben was working!

Hope he doesn't miss us too much!


Jericho said...

I DO miss you, CW & MM -- I've been missing everyone this week! My loved ones are all in Hungary, in Mexico, in Boise, and in Kansas City.

Jealous of the globe trotters,
Left Behind (rapture, anyone?),

julian j. said...

hi there. you don't know me. i'm a friend of sarah d.

anyway, just wanted to randomly boost your ego by telling you how much i love your blog.


Jericho said...

Thanks, julian, and welcome to the doghouse! Random ego boosts are always appreciated -- plus, I hear that sarah d. has only the COOLEST friends.