Sunday, September 18, 2005

Earth, Wind & Fiber: Or, How John Stewart & That Lesbian saved TV

OK, so, I LOVE awards shows but am infrequently at home to see them air "live." Take tonight, for instance. I had the usual choir rehearsal until 8:00pm, but I thought ahead and TAPED the Emmy's beginning at 7:00. SO, I'm watching the end of the show live, but filling in the boring spots (like commercials and long speeches) with the taped beginning of the show. It's kind of like watching an independent film structured around a non-linear plotline. But, with Ellen. And Captain Kirk.

So, here are my Emmy 2005 thoughts, non-linear-ly, with many sentence fragments...
  • John Stewart is the most entertaining straight male on TV. Even with his hands down the front of his pants. Looking for his speech...duh!
  • Ellen is funny. It was nice to see her lesbian lover Portia de Rossi (from the brilliant show Arrested Development) prominently featured in several candid audience shots.
  • Desperate Housewives is not as good as its creators like us to think it is. Congrats Felicity. The non-nominated Lauren Graham (AKA "Lorelai Gilmore") deserved your award.
  • Patricia Arquette??!! You have GOT to be kidding me.
  • I really enjoyed Warm Springs. I'm glad it won. I obviously need to see the Peter Sellers movie.
  • Commentary from The Family Guy cast was great! Do yourself a favor and watch this show. Cartoon. Whatever.
  • Jeremy Piven was robbed. Entourage is superb, but that Raymond show sucks. Everyone loves him but me.
  • Tony Shaloub deserves all the awards the industry is able to give. Plus, he beat out Raymond, who I despise, as has been previously established.
  • You know, I liked Doris Roberts waaaaaay back in Remington Steele. But then, you all know how I feel about Raymond. Two words -- nursing home? Oh, yeah.
  • I was really rooting for Ian McShane, who stars in the BEST show currently airing on television, which is Deadwood, in case you were wondering. James Spader is just plain icky. Plus, I think he might have an Oedipus complex -- seriously bad speech.
  • Lauren Graham (previously mentioned) is stately and gorgeous, in addition to being talented. She glowed onscreen, and was only seen presenting an award. I LOVE you Lauren!
  • John, love of my life, did you SEE Veronica Mars singing the Fame theme song? Guess what -- she can really SING!
  • HOLY DESERTED ISLAND, BATMAN! I'm thrilled, yet shocked, to see Lost win Best Drama. It's nice when one of my all-time favorites wins BIG. And beats The West Wing. Hooray!! (Glad I bought those DVD's this week!) AND, congrats to J.J. for winning Best Director for the pilot -- both awards well-deserved.
  • My favorite moment of the evening... The nominated writers of Da Ali G Show portrayed as male porn stars (and one infamous Royal), each in a moment of release. Offensive, really.
Hmmm... guess the Doghouse needed a post about my some of my meaningless interests. The Emmy's were fun, as always. More entertaining than the Oscars, IMHO.


Alexa Doebele said...

Didn't see the Emmys this year - didn't have time - and haven't even heard all the results yet, but I just had to say that you're not the only one who doesn't love Raymond. That has got to be the most overrated show in TV history - except perhaps for Desperate Housewives. :-) (Which, of course, I've not even seen the latter yet, but I couldn't resist the dig!)

Mountain Murphy said...

Jericho! Please tell your MASTER that a lot has been going on in his life since this last post............and truth be know, I'd like to hear about it!

So when am I going to see the review of WICKED? I heard it in my office, now I want to see it in print!