Monday, September 05, 2005

Grief, jealousy & a first anniversary

It's been a bizarre week, bizarre enough to keep me from blogging much until today. Although I don't personally know anyone who was affected by Hurricane Katrina, I must be one of the few people in the country who can claim such. Even without the personal contact, how can I not be shocked by the images and stories I've been seeing non-stop on the nightly news? In a way, I think it's been harder for my mind to comprehend the tragedy BECAUSE I lack a personal frame of reference. As to my dearth of posts, who really wants to read about my frivolous interests when there are truly tragic events to be understood and grieved?

Adding to my blogger depression is the departure of my friend Jiminycricket to her new adventures overseas. As much as I'm saddened by her absence, I must honestly admit to being more JEALOUS of her new experiences, particularly since she will be sharing them with people other than ME. (I'm rarely this self-absorbed, really!)

Since I'm being all HONEST or whatever, I should probably examine my feelings about school. It's definitely weird watching my friends pick up where they left off last semester, all the while knowing that someone else has my desk (someone really COOL) and another someone has my job (someone really YOUNG). I am elated to be finished with the classwork-assistantship portion of my doctorate -- absolutely, positively, no question! However, if I'm being honest with myself, I suppose I'm grieving THIS loss a little, as well.

Well, this HAS been a cheery post! I simply must end with something positive -- my better half John and I celebrated our one-year dating anniversary last week. John surprised me with a supremely yummy dinner at Barolo Grill, one of Denver's best eateries. This is a first for me in more ways than one; it's my FIRST one-year relationship. Surreal, much? Definitely, but also very exciting!


Alexa Doebele said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary! I knew it had to be coming up soon, but I didn't realize it was quite so soon! And for this to be your first one-year anniversary, double congrats!

sarah said...

someone else has my desk (someone really COOL)

no way! who?


the whole situation around katrina brings out in me a sense of despair i have not previously known. so i don't talk about it much, either.

and recognizing these things as losses that require a grieving process is half the battle, it seems to me. so, good for you.

also, congrats again on the anniversary.


JiminyCricket81 said...


Congrats on the anniversary...and love to you both. Oh, and tell John I finished the book this morning on the road to Szekszard (pronounced rather like "sex ed"...although I have to say it's false advertisement -- it's just a somewhat crappy town in South/Central Hungary with very few things to recommend it other than a pretty cool Liszt exhibit). I really enjoyed it (we'll have to chat about the ending)...and Kostova was dead on about the magenta-haired women in Budapest. Oddly enough, my American colleagues and I were counting all the women we saw with magenta hair when we were there on Monday, and we made it to 100 by about 3pm.

On other fronts...well my dear, let me assure you that you are about a million times cooler than anyone else sharing my current adventures. To be honest, I don't even feel like I'm really seeing things without people I really love to share them with. So, that just means you and I will have to go see them properly when you come to visit. :)

Hugs, hugs, hugs to you, my dear friend.