Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Friend Flicka

I'm not quite sure how to respond to what I've seen on television this night of nights.

It's just past 9:00pm MST, and the lovely opera star Frederica von Stade has appeared on the Emmy's broadcast performing, omigod I can hardly believe this, the original theme song from STAR TREK. On an "Ahhhhhhh." Oh, and not by her-considerable-self, but in friggin DUET with Captain James Tiberius Kirk, AKA William Shatner.

Flicka, darling, my musician-half is weeping (and gnashing teeth), but I think my geek-half just climaxed. Seriously.

More on the Emmy's after they've finished airing.

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JiminyCricket81 said...

I guess I don't have to feel so bad anymore about the Wayne Scott concert and such. If Flicka has to sing duets with William Shatner at this stage of her career (for big bucks, mind direct contrast to moi), probably I don't ever need to feel bad ever again.