Monday, September 12, 2005

The wheels on the bus go round and round

I had a curious day visiting Boulder. I traveled by bus, which is an exercise in patience. Given the price of gas, bus travel that has already been purchased (via exorbitant student fees) is more fiscally responsible than pumping tank after tank of fuel into Beatrice. She's my 92 Subaru station wagon, in case you were wondering.

There is a surprising feeling of empowerment that comes from riding the bus, knowing that you can still get where you need to go without your own personal horseless carriage. Perhaps this public transit excitement stems from the lack of any such amusement during my backwoods upbringing. Even West Virginia had the usual horrifying school-bus rides, but that's another post altogether.

It was a quiet day, mostly. I saw friends, did some proof-reading, got a haircut, listened to some choral music, read up on Britten's Hymn to St. Cecilia. The highlight of my day was also quiet, a silent realization that life at school continues in my absence, and that I don't really miss being there. While I loved hearing the voices of the choir, both greeting me and singing in rehearsal, I experienced a calm joy at being finished with that part of my life.

So, a curious, quiet day.


JiminyCricket81 said...

What a lovely post! It makes me feel as if I was there somehow. I've been feeling similarly good about walking rather than driving, and grateful for the chance to avoid buying gas during these spendy times.

Pensive contentment must be in the stars for us at the moment (as per my own more recent blogs), and it feels good...and I'm glad we get to share it.

hugs and hugs and hugs!

Mountain Murphy said...

Maybe Jericho and I could start a school bus blog. OH The stories that could be told.

Good for you, taking the time to take the "B" bus to Boulder. (what really intelligent person thought of that one?) That use to be one of my favorite things to do when I was in Boulder......taking the "B" bus into LODO.

Then there was the night a friend and I got stuck in Nederland in a snow storm trying to do the PC thing by taking the bus.

Someday, perhaps, we'll all depend upon each other rather than ourselves.

philclinton1173 said...

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Mountain Murphy said...


I think that you and I need to get together soon and help our 2 legged folks realize that their life needs to be all about keeping the rest of the world up to date on our lives! I mean really, they are slipping.............and if they slip any further we may be off the face of the earth!


Jericho said...

I'll admit, I'm slipping. But quality versus quantity, right? (I've probably proven that wrong with my geeky Emmy's post, though!)