Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Don't ask...don't spell"

I have long suspected that everyone's favorite young wizard-in-training Harry Potter would eventually grow up and come to certain inevitable realizations regarding his sexual orientation. For those of you who believe likewise, I am pleased to pass along this clip from E!'s The Soup (QuickTime req'd), which you will no doubt find supremely validating!

Special thanks to the friend who brought this hilarious clip to my attention -- may she ever remain a most excellent purveyor of slash fanfic.


Alexa Doebele said...

Holy cow, that's hilarious! It's Harry Potter and Brokeback Mountain all in one! :-)

Jericho said...

Funny you should mention that, treb, as I happened to see Brokeback Mountain over the weekend. A superb film, gay cowboys and all -- I promise to post about it soon!

phineas said...

i promise to do the best purveying i can. :)

i heard about jericho and the chocolate. poor thing. i hope everything's ok.


JiminyCricket81 said...

Way funny clip, my friend...lots of late-night amusement for the KI computer lab.

How is jericho? What happened with chocolate?

Koncerned in Kecskemet

Jericho said...

Jericho (the dog version) found his way into an open container of chocolate truffles while I was in the shower last Saturday morning. I caught him in the act, but not before he had scarfed the ENTIRE container (around 25 truffles!)

Needless to say, I was beside myself -- my first experience of true parental anxiety! We went immediately to the vet ER, where Jericho purged the chocolate. Because of the amount (the vet said it was THREE TIMES the toxic amount for a dog his size) Jericho stayed overnight for a full charcoal treatment, system-flush, and heart monitor.

He's home now and doing very well -- and so's his dad! He's got a few funny shaved spots from the IV and EKG electrodes -- I'll post a pic later this week.