Monday, November 28, 2005


Several years ago I spent my first Thanksgiving Day completely alone. And I had the BEST Thanksgiving ever! I would absolutely have preferred to spend the day with my family, but it's pretty rare for me to be financially viable enough to buy the plane ticket home. So, instead of yet ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner spent among a well-intentioned family of strangers, I spent the day blissfully alone, baking pies, decorating a Christmas tree, and watching an all-day marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Festive, much?

Ever since that cathartic, solitary Thanksgiving Day I've felt completely different about the holiday. Now, instead of simply avoiding invitations to strangers' Thanksgiving dinners, I have become proactive -- I HOST!

This year I was fortunate enough to host nine of my dearest friends, mostly fellow grad students and their partners. For the past three years, my friend Lynell has graciously helped me prepare the turkey (& pies, stuffing, potatoes... the usual suspects) -- I honestly wouldn't be able to host without her!

To all my Thanksgiving attendees -- thank you for spending the day with me last Thursday, for sharing a holiday that hasn't always a "fun" experience, for bringing your dishes and desserts and drinks, and (most of all) for being my family in Colorado.

For more Thanksgiving pics, please take a look at my entire Thanksgiving 2005 photoset.


JiminyCricket81 said...

The pictures are SO beautiful, Ben! I just love them, and thank you so much for sharing them!

Love, love, love!

Kurt said...

Thanks so much for hosting us! AND for entertaining me with your blog at work. Nothing breaks the tedium of crunching numbers up like a little bit of Ben!

ZawadiBill said...

These pictures are so lovely! Thanks for sharing them... could I come for Thanksgiving next year? :)

Jericho said...

Absolutely, ZawadiBill -- there's always room for one more!