Sunday, November 06, 2005

(RE)View: Movies that improve with repetition

Everyone who knows me (or reads the Doghouse) is aware that "I HEART MOVIES". In addition to my habitual attendance at local movie theaters, one of my favorite hobbies in life is RE-watching movies, over and over again. Not every movie lends itself to RE-viewing, and you might be surprised at the movies that I personally enjoy in repetition. The movies I most frequently RE-view are rarely award winners (though sometimes), but each one has some particular, unique quality that moves me to view and RE-view again and again.

For example, I am currently RE-viewing Psycho Beach Party, the over-the-top Charles Busch parody about a murderous surfer chick with multiple personalities. I can watch this movie repeatedly, enjoying every minute of every viewing. Some of the delights can be chalked up to the superb comedic performances by Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), Nicky Brendan (Buffy), Thomas Gibson (Darma & Greg) and the ├╝ber-indie-hunk Matt Keeslar.

Of course, Psycho Beach Party is not exactly a GREAT movie, but I love it regardless. It's campy fun with drag queens and gay surfers, movie stars and mysterious murders, go-go dancing and well-oiled wrestling. Can you beat that? Plus, there are about five seconds of Lauren Ambrose singing, which is worth the price of admission for any fan of the dearly departed 6FU.

See Psycho Beach Party. Better yet, see it with several friends, at least some of whom are gay, and begin to add words like "copacetic" to your everyday vocabulary.

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