Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two steps back

It's not been a easy week for the United Methodist Church, thanks to two specific rulings of the UM Judicial Council that are likely to have far-reaching negative effects on GLBT community. A former Iliff student (and self-proclaimed "liberal church nerd") has written an excellent description of the Judicial Council decisions and her subsequent reaction in Open hearts, open minds, open... what? See particularly Kerry's link to a recently released pastoral letter from the Council of Bishops (who "object strongly to the ruling" -- surprise).

While I am disturbed by this week's news, I am even more excited to witness the passionate responses of UM congregants and clergy. We need our grief and anger to achieve change. And I have a strong feeling that change is on the way.

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Kerry said...

Thanks for the mention! My church is holding a Service of Repentance & Reconciliation Proclaiming God's Welcome this Sunday - our small step forward in light of recent events.