Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Denver Methodists take a stand

I posted this announcement earlier today on my church's blog, but decided it was important enough to cut & paste the entire post here on Jericho's Doghouse. I am very proud of my congregation and pastor for their acceptance, their openness, and their action with intention.

Here's the post...

At last month's Administrative Board meeting we discussed appropriate responses to the recent ruling of the United Methodist Judicial Council which supported the exclusion of a gay man from membership in a local United Methodist congregation in Virginia. In addition to drafting a letter of protest from the Christ Church congregation, the Ad Board encouraged Rev. Waters to gather local clergy support in placing an advertisement in local Denver newspapers decrying the Judicial Council decision and proclaiming the "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors" vision of Denver's United Methodist churches.

The result of that Christ Church Ad Board meeting can be seen in today's editions of the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. The News additionally printed a supportive article, "Methodist clergy blast gay exclusion," which can be viewed here. The advertisement, which was signed by 124 clergy members of the Rocky Mountain Conference, appeared as follows:

(Click on the image for a larger view of the advertisement.)


JiminyCricket81 said...

Word's out....I actually just read about this via the prayer request email list for Lafayette FUMC (yes, I'm still on their list....what can I say? I'm nosy). Unfortunately, my former pastor's name is not on the list of objectors, but I definitely want to stand up and cheer for the people who did make this stand. Go Carolyn!

phineas said...

yay denver methodists. but what a sad situation. makes me sigh deeply.

Kerry said...

FYI, there were more clergy who would have signed the statement of protest but didn't get the word about this opportunity in time. UMC clergy and laity alike can sign a petition "Calling the United Methodist Church to Embody God's Love and Justice" at www.herewestandumc.org.

Rev Waters said...

Wow, this was quite a journey. Kerry, sorry some didn't get the word, but all clergy who have an e-mail registered with the conference office were notified. It's an issue of how we are able to communicate in a fast and effecient way.

Support means everything!