Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big news

I have some big news to share: John and I have rented a house together! I just had a meeting with our new landlord, at which there was lease-signing and check-writing, so everything is now completely official. John and I will be living in Denver's historic Whittier neighborhood in an immaculate, beautifully remodeled 127-year-old house. Jericho the Dog is particularly thrilled with the large back yard with wooden privacy fence, as well as the close proximity to Fuller Park (an off-leash dog park).

This will be the first time I've ever Moved In with a boyfriend. John and I have been together for a year and a half, and the timing of this feels really good. I'm a little anxious over the learning curve of adjusting to living with each other, but my intuition says we'll manage pretty well.

Whenever I'm faced with any Great Unknown--new job, new relationship, new living situation--I always think of spunky Little Red Riding Hood from Sondheim's Into the Woods and her precise emotional reaction when faced with the prospect of knowing new, valuable things: Little Red & I are both "excited AND scared!"


Alexa Doebele said...

Your new house looks SO adorable! Congrats on finding a great place, and congrats on the big MOVING IN! :-) It will indeed be an adjustment, but you'll do fine, I'm sure. Once the dust settles you'll have to throw one of your famous and fabulous parties so we can see your new pad! (No hurry on that one, look how long it's taken us to have a house-warming party!) :-)

JiminyCricket81 said...

I'm SO excited for you! The new place looks really great, and I'm so excited that you were able to find someplace with a yard. I can't wait to come see it!

Sorry I'm such a blogging delinquent...the cabaret tonight ("It is such a pleasure for me, Rod, to be with you tonight at the 'Don't tell Dad it's Cabaret Tonight Club'....and please remember your waitresses on the way out....") is going to be my next topic, and I'm hoping to have pictures, too. Love you!

Jericho said...

Thanks for the congrats, my darlings! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!!