Saturday, February 25, 2006

A little bit Country, a little bit Liberal

If anyone missed seeing Dolly Parton's appearance on The Ellen Show this week, click over to The Malcontent and watch the video clip. Last fall Dolly released her new album Those Were the Days, a collection of bluegrass covers of several 1960's anti-war protest songs (including Blowin' in the Wind, Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Imagine, Where do the Children Play?). Now Dolly has garnered an Oscar nomination for Travelin' Thru, a song she wrote for the fantastic movie Transamerica.

With any other artist these two projects would immediately be labeled "controversial" or "subversive" (because they kinda ARE); but Dolly Parton somehow manages to charm her way through disarming interviews, smiling and flirting throughout. In addition, both the album and the song (AND the movie) are truly fantastic! I obviously adore Dolly for her musical talent, but I passionately respect her for her subversive musical projects.


Bill said...

Love this post! You have summed up everything I've been thinking in regards to Miss Parton's "journey" over the past few months.

Muah! :)

Anonymous said...


Dolly's Oscar nominated song is available for free on iTunes this week. The song should be found the music stores front page, or the following URL:

Jericho said...

Thanks for the comment about Travelin' Thru on iTunes, anonymous! I am downloading the free song now (and anyone reading this should pop over to iTunes and do the same). It's interesting that the single has not previously been available for a $.99 download, but only by purchasing the entire Transamerica album.

Billyboy, my friend, thanks for your affectionate comment! Billyboy produces one of the Podcasts I Crave, The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm, which I will definitely be gushing about in a future post. Billyboy, please thank Judy for reading my fan letter on the "air" last week -- my heart strings went zing!

Bill said...

No problem, sir. Thanks so much... hope you enjoyed this week's show.


Jericho said...

Sir? billyboy, you ought to know I prefer Ma'am!

This week's show was great! I particularly loved the Mac shutdown/startup sounds when Judy "accidentally" shut down the computer.