Thursday, February 23, 2006

The "O.I."

While watching Olympic figure skating competition is a perfectly enjoyable experience, watching the daily wrap-up show Olympic Ice is SO much more fun! The show is hosted by the hilarious Mary Carillo, whose dry sense of humor is elevated by her relative ignorance of figure skating. Mary is joined by my favorite FS commentator, Dick Button, as well as Scott Hamilton and the Canadian FS pair Jamie Sale & David Pelletier. Recently there have been several special appearances by everyone's favorite Ice Princess, Johnny Weir. Johnny's presence led Mary to coin the segment title "Weir Eye for the Skate Guy" -- well, isn't that special?!

USA Today recently published this rave review of Olympic Ice; here's an excerpt:
Hosted by the breakout star of these TV games, the martini-dry Mary Carillo, USA Network's Olympic Ice (6 p.m. ET/PT) is a tiny corner of subversive humor in a locked-down, pre-programmed Olympic universe. What could have been your standard collection of pre-event speculation and post-event gushing is instead a freewheeling hour that is playful without being childish and critical without being caustic.

Patricia Nell Warren speaks about Johnny Weir in this fantastic OutSports Olympic coverage:
Sunday, the Olympic Ice posse interviewed Johnny Weir. He had visibly calmed down and lightened up after his medals debacle. There was no more talk of missed buses and missing auras. Johnny assured Carillo that he has learned a lot and is ready to work hard and come back better next time around. The atmosphere was positive, light-hearted... and at one point Mary Carillo declared that there was going to be a new cable show titled "Weir Eye for the Skate Guy." USA splashed the title across the screen in huge letters. Which is the closest that the networks have come to dealing openly with Weir's sexual orientation.

I wish I had found the delightful Olympic Ice sooner; sadly, the final episode airs tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. (MST).

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