Thursday, February 16, 2006

Trees & swans

I truly despise using the flimsy excuse, "But, I've been REALLY busy!" Everyone's pretty busy, in my opinion, so this excuse doesn't really fly with me. The truth of the matter is that I actually get much LESS done when I have scads of free time. Why? I guess because I spend most of my free time watching TV and picking my toenails.

I was REALLY busy today, but managed to get a lot done. Number one task on my list? Take down my Christmas Tree. Yes, I'm referring to the tree I only put up this year because Gabby was visiting and I thought she would enjoy the house being more "christmas-y". Well, it only took TWO MONTHS to get it down (cause, y'know, I've been REALLY busy). On the positive side, I really enjoyed looking at my pretty tree during January and February!

Last night John took me to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, which is in Denver for a few days. The dirty little secret this supposedly well-rounded, cosmopolitan boy hides? I've never been to the ballet before. Not Nutcracker, not Sleeping Beauty, not even the traditional Swan Lake. I'm still not so sure about those ballets, but I figure I could sit through anything that features bare-chested, homoerotic swans!

What can I say? Swan Lake was fantastic, and I may be ballet's newest convert. I was particularly entranced by the creative lighting, which was as crucial to the storytelling as the characters. The chamber orchestra was pretty good, but the intonation suffered toward the end of the show (indicative of their exhaustion after 2 1/2 hours?) The dancers were incredible, however; truly, an evening well spent!

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