Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Turn turn turn

I haven't been much of a figure skating fanboy of late. There was a time, however, when lutzes, loops, flips, & axels were regular mainstays in my vocabulary. After the last Olympics four years ago, I simply lost interest in strum und drang of the figure skating world.

Even though I no longer regularly follow the "sport" of figure skating, I have been eagerly watching the Games in Torino. Did anyone else think the men's programs were pretty lackluster? Particularly the men's long program -- booooooring. And what about that queen Johnny Weir, the self-described diva of men's figure skating? Johnny, girlfriend, I encourage you to lose the snarky attitude, be a man, and just come the rest of the way out of the closet.

Tonight was SUCH a different story with the women's short program. All of the skaters were exceptional, much more exciting and more consistent than their male colleagues. I didn't even miss Michelle Kwan, particularly with the superb performance by gorgeous Sasha Cohen. I'm holding my breath for the women's long program, and maybe a gold medal for Sasha!

Apparently, once a figure skating fanboy....

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