Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rooms are for sleeping, tchotchkes are for displaying

Treblemaker asked for more pictures of the house, so here are some of the bedrooms, and one more of the infamous three little pigs.

My Mom made me that quilt! Ain't it pretty?

John graciously gave me more information regarding the pigs. You see, John has a pig collection, although he apparently never planned to have a pig collection. I mean, after all, does anyone really NEED a collection of little pig tchotchkes? (G-sam was pretty excited to find that John had written a Yiddish word on one of his moving boxes!)

Some time ago, John's brother noticed that John had a few pig figurines sitting around his house. Assuming that John must obviously COLLECT pig figurines, the brother proceeded to give John MORE pigs for Christmas, birthdays, etc. Suddenly, John found himself with a pig collection. The three little pigs depicted in the pictures are John's favorite. He thinks they look cute!

Frankly, I think they look a little demonic.


Alexa Doebele said...

Sorry, I have to side with John on this one. Cute. :-)

Jericho said...

He'll be happy to hear it -- I bet Andy would side with me, though!

Doeboy said...

I will side with you J, and not my lovely treble maker. I'm getting a definite Animal Farm vibe from those pigs.

I knew what tchotcke meant thanks to that film classic(?), Office Space. Chotchkie's is the name of the restaurant where Jennifer Aniston, and her flair, works.

JiminyCricket81 said...

the pigs might not be demonic...but, keep a watch on them. Dr. Dobson taught us all that Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony can go bad....so you never can tell when a demon's lurking under your doilies (or your tchotchkes). If you just want to be sure, I can recommend a lovely series of motets by William Byrd that'll do the trick...