Friday, March 31, 2006


I wish I could say that I spent the entire day playing with my new MacBook Pro, but sadly, I've still been moving. Although it's been a week since the actual movers moved my bed and TV and a few boxes of books (and ALL of John's stuff -- which was very wise, as it turns out), I'm still cleaning out closets, drawers, storage rooms, etc.

It's amazing the strange stuff you find when you're going through boxes you haven't seen in, well, years. Today I found:
  • A rumpled stole (from a Wellshire choir robe)
  • $38 in fives in ones, stuffed into a folded piece of paper
  • A charcoal drawing I purchased in Venice (rolled, but in great shape -- must frame!)
  • A green "Wheaton College Conservatory" sweatshirt
  • Previously "lost" snapshots of my graduating class at the Conserve
  • My passport (why was it in the box? who knows.)

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Mountain Murphy said...

Hey Buddy, how about you and me taking that $38 bucks and going to the doggie gormet biscuit hut? If the people can eat Sushi every week, we should be able to splurge now and then!

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